Empowering global economies through expert Energy Exploration, project management, and sustainable Oil & Gas solutions.

Fueling Energy Frontiers - Comprehensive Oil & Gas Exploration, Operation, and Project Management Expertise.

Streamlined Global Logistics - Crude Shipping, Worldwide Transportation, and Expert Heavy Load Salvage Operations.

Revolutionizing Mining Horizons - LaSalle: Leading the Charge in Rare Earth Mining Innovations.

Farming to Fulfillment: LaSalle Innovates Irrigation, Purification, and Cutting-Edge Agricultural Solutions Globally.

Engineering progress across domains, transforming industries with borderless innovation for sustainable growth.

LaSalle International: Fueling Industrial Innovation, Engineering Tomorrow's Projects and Environmental Solutions.

Pioneering Clean & Limitless Energy - Advanced Magnesium and Hydrogen-based Fuel Cells for Tomorrow's World.

For more than two decades, LaSalle International Inc. has operated globally across diverse sectors encompassing Energy, Power, Mining, Renewable Energy, Transportation, Trade Services, Engineering, Construction, Financial Services, and Digital Solutions.

Each division's specialization guarantees a comprehensive approach to meet industry needs, showcasing the company's unwavering commitment to excellence across multiple fields. The integrated structure empowers the company to capitalize on its collective expertise, resources, and knowledge, fostering a holistic and influential presence in every sector it operates.


LaSalle actively engages in diverse projects, including oil and gas exploration, mining field development, full-scale production operations, refinery construction, and industrial and engineering design, alongside comprehensive logistical delivery systems from start to finish.

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Energy Projects

LaSalle plays a pivotal role in groundbreaking research and development, focusing on cutting-edge Magnesium and Hydrogen-based Fuel Cell technologies. These innovations are poised to revolutionize global electrical power generation by offering unprecedented methods to harness limitless, emission-free energy sources.


LaSalle strategically aligns with local and global partners to deliver diverse engineering operations, technical services, and commodities trading for international joint venture projects globally.

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Logistic Services

We proficiently oversee air cargo logistics, handling diverse aircraft types and a full range of cargo, including Oil & Gas shipping vessels. This ensures prompt and smooth global transportation of goods.

Products & Trades

Our commitment is to deliver top-quality products and outstanding services, showcasing our adept trading proficiency across multiple industries. With a robust foundation of resources, we aim for expansion by diversifying our portfolio in trading and reselling a range of commodity products, such as petroleum, precious and non-precious metals, and various food items.

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